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Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Our in-house CDFA is specifically trained to teach all financial aspects of the pending decisions in a separation and divorce. This helps empower clients to make educated decisions throughout the process and assists their clients with post-divorce financial planning. What’s often missing in the divorce process is financial expertise. This is where we help our clients with the short and long term impact of a divorce settlement; namely, tax consequences, pension splitting, life insurance, and estate planning.

Furthermore, a legal settlement that floats back and forth between lawyers, without the client having a clear understanding of all financial ramifications can be detrimental, time consuming and expensive. In separation and divorce, make sure you have a clear understanding of the role each professional can play in the process.


Our Certified Divorce Financial Analyst can help clients with financial issues that will affect the rest of their lives, including:


Personal vs. marital property

Valuing and dividing property

Retirement assets and pensions

Spousal and child support

Splitting the house

Tax problems and solutions

Expert witness testimony

Tax law and financial issues affecting divorce


1. Money will commonly become an issue in divorce

• Many people start out thinking and believing the promise that things will always be divided evenly and straightforward

• Money is sometimes used as a bargaining tool to resolve other issues

2. Gather everything you can about your family finances

• Make a list of your financial property (Vehicle loans, Mortgage docs, Tax Assessments)

• Gather statements and documents on all property (Rental homes, Recreational property)

• Frequently one partner is not “in-the-know” on the family finances which makes this task difficult – Divorce Financial Experts can help in the education of financial basics 

3. Understand that a 50/50 division of property is not always fair financially

• Take into account future value of property

• Comparable values of different types of property are not always equal due to tax implications

4. Consider the tax implications of all of your financial divorce decisions

• Consider the year in which you divorce, your change in marital status will affect your tax situation (Redemption of RSP’s and other investments)

• Consider the tax effect and true value of the assets you will retain

5. Make sure that you can afford to keep the house before you settle this matter

• Pre-qualify for a mortgage • Upkeep costs can be expensive, both financially and emotionally

6. Understand the value of your investment and RRSP & TFSA portfolios

• Understand tax liabilities and advantages of different investments (RSP’s , TFSA , OPEN)

7. Ensure pensions are properly valued by a specialist

• Defined Benefit Plans must always be valued by a specialist

8. Make sure that the payer of child and/or spousal support has Life insurance to support these financial obligations

9. Seek FINANCIAL consultation during your divorce from a Divorce Financial Expert – Not from a lawyer

10. Update your will – It is important to protect your children &/or beneficiaries

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